Air Pollution Control District

Clean AirThe Calaveras County Air Pollution Control District (District) is part of the Mountain Counties Air Basin. The District is recognized as a Special District and is governed by the Calaveras County Air Pollution Control Board. The primary goal of the District is to protect public health by managing the county's air quality through educating the public and enforcement of District rules and California Air Resources Control Board - Air Toxic Control Measures that result in the reduction of air pollutants and contaminants. While there are minimal sources that impact air quality within the District, Calaveras County does experience air quality impacts from the Central Valley through transport pollutants. The most visible impacts to air quality within the District is a result of open burning of vegetation as conducted by individual property owners, industry, and state agencies for purposes of reducing wild land fire hazards.


The District permits and inspects stationary sources of air pollution. These sources include, but are not limited to; gasoline dispensing facilities (gas stations), rock quarries, paint spray booths and diesel generators greater than 50 break horsepower (bhp). The district also disseminates burn day information given by the California Air Resources Board, and issues burn permits for parcels greater than 5 acres.


Air Pollution Control Burn Permits and Burn Day Information

New Rules

Carl Moyer Program

The Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program provides incentive grants for public and private entities to fund installation of new engines or install new technologies that result in engines that emit emissions that exceed current emission (clean air) standards. Eligible projects include cleaner off-road and on-road engines. The program provides monetary grants to private companies and public agencies to clean up their heavy-duty engines beyond that required by law through retrofitting, re-powering or replacing their diesel-powered engines with newer and cleaner engines.

Truck Improvement Modernization Benefitting Emission Reductions (TIMBER) Grant Program

Demolition and Renovation Asbestos Notification

Calaveras County is a “non-delegated “air district as recognized by Federal EPA therefore a notification form for demolition of structures must always be sent directly to the California Air Resources Board. A link to the notification form as well as detailed instructions is provided below:


Please contact the Calaveras County Building Department at (209)754-6390
for demolition and renovation permit requirements.

Stationary Source Permits

Air quality permits are issued to ensure that all equipment and processes that have the potential to emit air contaminates comply with Federal, State and local District regulations. Through the issuance of permits, District staff are able to work closely with businesses, agencies and residents of Calaveras County to help meet the District's mission of protecting public health through promotion of air quality.

Please call the Air District at (209) 754-6399 to verify whether or not your facility will need an Air Pollution Control Permit to Operate.

A copy of the most current Calaveras County Air Pollution Control District's Rules
can be found at: