Public Swimming Pool & Spa Program

Department staff annually inspects all inventoried public swimming pools and spas and is also responsible for the review and approval of plans for both construction of new public pools and the remodel of existing pools in the County. The program is carried out pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code, California Code of Regulations and Uniform Building Code. The inspections are conducted to review the following topics as they relate to public pools:

  • Reviewing and approving public pool plans for compliance with State and Local Code
  • Conducting inspections at all stages of construction until the pool is complete
  • Evaluating swimming pool equipment
  • Conducting routine and follow-up inspections at public pools, spas and wading pools
  • Responding to public complaints regarding public pools
  • Evaluating water quality and cleanliness of pool walls, floors, water line tiles, coping, skimmers and deck areas
  • Maintenance of pool enclosures and equipment area
  • Testing pool water for pH, chlorine residual, and cyanuric acid levels
  • Evaluating the pool's recirculation and sanitation system such as filters, pumps, skimmers, main drains, return lines, flow meters, pressure gauges, chlorinators
  • Verifying that required rescue and safety equipment is onsite and functional
  • Verifying that all required pool and spa signs are onsite and visible to patrons
  • Evaluating the hygienic conditions and maintenance of bathrooms, locker rooms, showers
  • Conduct training for operators and pool service technicians

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