Woodstove Changeout Retailer Request

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Woodstove Changeout Program Retailer Request

Calaveras County Air Pollution Control District (District) has received the funds for a $90,000 grant to assist residents of Calaveras County in replacing non-EPA-Certified Woodstoves, inserts, and fireplaces with cleaner burning alternatives. The District is looking for Woodstove Retailers to participate in this program.

This voucher program will provide up to $3500 towards the cost of purchasing and installing an EPA-certified woodstove or other approved alternative heat source. Participating retailers will accept applications, verify eligibility with the District, perform a home inspection for an estimate, obtain any required permits, install the new stove, destroy the old stove, and provide the district will appropriate documentation throughout the process. 

Participating retailers must:

  1. Have an appropriate contractor’s license (minimum D34).
  2. Have 3 years’ experience installing wood stoves.
  3. Meet liability insurance requirements.
  4. Meet other requirements as stated in the Retailer Agreement.